Vintage shopping to save the environment?!

Trust me, I am the first one to walk into a department store or go crazy online shopping, but I am trying to make the switch and thrift more because if it helps the environment, why not? It’s nice to have a balance of new and old.

I would say that I got into vintage shopping my senior year of high school around six years ago before I even realized it could help the environment.

Did you know?

  • The US generates 25 billion pounds of textiles a year. 

  • Only 15% gets recycled or donated. 

  • 85% is thrown in landfills! 

Someone I have been following is Lauren Singer from TrashisforTossers. She talks about how we can reduce textile waste by buying re-used. Trust me, I am the first one to walk into a department store or go crazy online shopping, but I am trying to make the switch and thrift more because if it helps the environment, why not?

Thrifting Tips: 

The "shopaholic" inside of me loves the fact that I can find something that is not only unexpected and unique but also a great deal. I still find things that are on trend for today; its so cool to see how history "repeats itself" and trends come back in and out of style

  1. The idea that second-hand buys are dirty is a myth.
  • Even if you don't like the idea, take the items to get dry cleaned, or wash them yourself!
  • Across the board, I find that when you do shop vintage you're buying: good quality, well-kept, and unique items.
  1. It's really all about the store that you go to.
  • I've also realized that with vintage stores, the style of the owners really comes out in the clothes that you try. Sometimes it may or may not be your style. There's so many vintage stores in the area that I live, I honestly find myself walking by the some 1,2,3 times and still not finding anything. For other's, I walk in and I immediately have to stop myself from buying 10 different things. As any company, buyers have unique styles and you definitely see those reflected even at re-sell clothes. That's why when I walk into a store that clicks with me I keep going back.

Here is a list of MY GO-TO places to shop! 

Central Jersey: 

Green Street Consignment

  • Has 9 stores in the Philadelphia and New Jersey area.

  • Mid to High end clothing.

  • I like that it appeals to an audience that lives outside of the city.

Hoboken & Jersey City:

Mint Market

  • What makes Mint Market stand out is that its a boutique and vintage store combined into one (at certain locations) You have the best of both worlds. New and Old! 

  • I was instantly drawn to their Gucci and handbags collection. If you need a clutch for wedding, prom, etc. This is the place to go. I was also a little skeptical about buying something branded like Gucci re-sold because there are so many "dupes" out there. The attendants were super helpful and even mentioned they do have a guarantee. Go into any store and they'll give back your money if its not authentic. 
    • Favorite Find: My favorite piece from here is this 90s satin gown that I bought. 2018 must be the year of weddings because I feel as though everyone around me is getting married (or maybe that comes with the territory of being in your mid 20s). Anyways, I found this dress and it fits perfectly from the length to the neckline. I am pretty short and I like the fact that I don't have to wear heels with it. 


Beacon’s Closet

  • NYC's 10 best shops
  • Right near Parson's Fashion Institute so I definitely feel like you can find edgier clothes. Just by walking by the street you definitely feel a more creative vibe 
  • I love the fact that they provide their employees full benefits such as any other company (paid vacation time, health insurance, etc.) 
    • Favorite Find: The first time I came here I found Stuart Weitzman shoes for $80! They were a half-size too small, but I made it work. They cost $400 originally! From the moment I started working, owning a pair of these shoes was one of my goals. Having thinner legs its always hard to find shoes that fit you at least from the calf. I really don't like when theres that small amount of empty space between your leg and the boot. I couldn't stop smiling for at least 40 minutes after I found these, I really feel that this was beginner's luck.

Comment below on your favorite finds and any stores that I may have missed!

Puja Patel